Trapped Wind & Belching

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Trapped Wind & Belching
Trapped wind is caused by air that we swallow when we eat or drink. Most of this air is usually released as a burp. Any remaining gas will go into the large intestine or colon, where bacteria are already working on breaking down undigested food. This all eventually comes out as flatulence.

Wind can be caused by a variety of factors including eating too fast, which leads us to gulp down air, or by drinking fizzy drinks. Wearing tight clothing around the waist can also contribute to the problem, as can any change to your diet.

Symptoms include:
  • Burping
  • Flatulence
  • Noisy gut
  • Bloating

Elite Meds
Flatulence is perfectly normal however, in instances where someone may be experiencing an excessive need to fart and/or burp, then they may benefit greatly from the use of treatments purposely formulated to help alleviate trapped wind, as well as any other commonly associated symptoms. Here at Elite Meds, you’ll find a broad array of effective treatments capable of addressing cases of trapped wind in a fast, thorough and safe manner.