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Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Anti-Dandruff treatment shampoo

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Johnson & Johnson
Regaine for Men Extra Strength Solution

Solution to hereditary hair loss in men

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Finasteride Tablets

Treatment for hair loss caused by male pattern baldness

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Propecia Tablets

Highly effective hair loss treatment for men

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Regaine for Men Extra Strength Foam

Scientifically proven treatment to help prevent hair loss

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What is Pattern Baldness?
Pattern baldness is one of the most common causes of hair loss in both men and women - and is the result of genetics and hormonal factors. Whilst hair loss isn’t something one should be overly concerned about from a health-conscious aspect, it can however affect the happiness and wellbeing of some.

How does Hair Loss occur
Patterned hair loss can occur in different ways for both men and women. Men tend to develop recession at the temple, thinning, and then a bald spot at the top of the head, whilst women develop diffuse thinning over the scalp. Baldness is known to be seen in only a minority of women. There are many different types of hair loss and some may only be temporary.

They can be caused by:
  • Stress
  • Weight loss
  • Iron deficiency
  • An illness

Treating Hair Loss
Although there is no cure for hair loss, there are a number of treatments available that can help slow or reduce hair loss, replace damaged hair or stimulate partial regrowth. The effective treatment of hair loss can be successfully achieved through the use of topical and/or tablet-based medications - in addition to a variety of other non-surgical options that can all be discovered at Elite Meds.