Heartburn & Indigestion

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Heartburn & Indigestion
Heartburn is an uncomfortable burning sensation in your chest that is caused by many different conditions such as acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Occasional heartburn is common and no cause for alarm is needed. This pain can be easily managed with changes to your lifestyle which includes what foods you eat, your stress and anxiety levels, and your fitness.

One of the most common causes of heartburn is acid reflux. The stomach contains hydrochloric acid, which helps to break down food. A ring of muscles called the gastroesophageal sphincter, acts as a valve that lets food into the stomach and prevents it from going back up into the esophagus. When this valve fails, stomach content regurgitates back into the esophagus. This is called acid reflux and it causes a burning feeling in your chest.

Symptoms include:
  • A hoarse voice
  • A cough
  • Bad breath

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