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About Us

Who we are

Elite Meds is a private online pharmacy with an integrated prescribing service. We are an innovative, forward-thinking and customer-focused online pharmacy - who wholeheartedly believe in going above and beyond when it comes to providing high quality and affordable medical products and services.

Elite Meds is a trading name of Evolution Industries Ltd. Our registered office and pharmacy address is Richmond Road, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 2TP. Our contact number is 01909 384333. Our email address is [email protected]

Elite Meds’s pharmacy and prescribing element is registered and regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council. Details of our registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council can be found here along with our pharmacy premises number 9011856.

Who we are

Quick & Easy Online Consultation

Approved by UK Registered Doctors

Genuine UK Licensed Medicines

Our Story

We believe that pharmaceutical care should constantly evolve to suit the ever-changing needs of its patients and the new environment caused by the global pandemic . That is why we’ve developed our own unique style of ‘elite’ care, one where clinical excellence meets new innovative technology coupled with exceptional customer service.

The Elite Meds story is one of collaborative endeavour, shared expertise and mutual understanding between the pharmacy’s two experienced directors.

After qualifying from the University of Manchester in 2009, Raj (director) spent over a decade successfully running his own NHS community pharmacies whilst, Reggie (director) found his success in the world of e-commerce. After achieving several individual accolades within their respective fields, the pair decided to combine their accrued knowledge and expertise to create an online healthcare platform that could redefine how patient care is accessed, supported, and delivered – Elite Meds became that online platform. 

Highly skilled prescribers

Our clinical lead and head of the prescribing team is by Thomas Werner (GPhC No 207748). William has been providing consulations online for several years and is highly skilled at making safe prescribing decisions.

Experience in e-commerce

To create Elite Meds, we have used our e-commerce knowledge to utilise research and conduct significant user testing to give you the best possible experience. At Elite Meds, we have put technical structures in place to help support our customer's experience on the website from the point of viewing a product to the point of purchase.

Established pharmacists

Our two principle pharmacists have a combined experience of over 40 years working in the community pharmacy sector and have managed their own stores for many years.

Meet the Team

Unlike some of our competition, all of our pharmacists and prescibers are based in the UK and work in the UK. You can be sure that they are qualified and regulated to the highest standards.

Khushraj Samra (GPhC No 2075462)

Superintendant Pharmacist, MPharm (University of Manchester)


After graduating from the University of Manchester, our Superintendant Pharmacist Raj, quickly established his first NHS pharmacy Manton Pharmacy in 2011. This was followed by his second pharmacy Silverwood Pharmacy in 2017. Raj has a strong passion for pharmacy; he decided to create Elite Meds after seeing the increased digitilisation of healthcare and realising the full potential of pharmacy could only be realised with a strong online presence.

Personal Interests
  • Sport
  • Cars
  • Travelling

Mustafa Bhaiji (GPhC No 2051032)

Senior Pharmacist, BPharm (University of Nottingham)


Mustafa has been a pharmacist in the UK for over 20 years and is using this experience to help propel Elite Meds to the forefront of online pharmacy. Mustafa is a lead pharmacist in his local area and heavily involved in the primary care network.

Personal Interests
  • Gardening
  • Cycling
  • Politics

Reggie Johal

E-Commerce Director, BA (University of Birmingham)


With a background in sports and e-commerce, Reggie is focused on making Elite Meds an online pharmacy leader by bringing a level of innovation, and customer experience that makes Elite Meds unique in the pharmacy sector.

Personal Interests
  • American Football
  • Weight Training
  • Japanese Culture

Why Elite Meds

We are consistently making an impact, leading by example, setting benchmarks and improving the lives of our patients.

Our Values

Here at Elite Meds, we believe that everything we do should be done with passion, executed with expertise and delivered with the utmost integrity. These three qualities run through the very core of the pharmacy’s DNA. It is was our passion for NHS community pharmacy that drove us to create Elite Meds – an original ‘one stop’ online pharmacy that puts the patient experience at the very heart of what we do.

We believe that a growing number of community pharmacies provide a service that is stagnant, impersonal, and uninspiring. While others gradually decline as a result of an ageing business model, coupled with a lack of an online presence. The pharmacy sector has been burdened by flat government funding for a number of years and this has also crippled innovation. Elite Meds aims to represent a modern, accessible, and forward-thinking type of online pharmacy. One that embraces new ideas, technologies, and procedures that help propel both the company and our customers in a healthier direction.

Our Expertise

Whilst we are a newly established online pharmacy, our clinical, technological and e-commerce knowledge spans several decades. A major advantage of having such a skilled group of professionals is that we are able to quickly alter and adapt to changes in the pharmaceutical landscape.

Our Vision

Our collective vision is to stand at the forefront of online pharmacy – pioneering new and intuitive ways to further improve our services and give our customers the very best experience possible. We believe in constantly re-evaluating ourselves to see how we can further raise the bar – whether it be in regards to safety protocols, user convenience, or our prescribing services.

One of our main goals as an online pharmaceutical platform is to adapt and innovate how our prescribers can be even more readily available and accessible when you need us most. To achieve this feat, we’re actively exploring new and exciting interactive outlets, most notable of which is online video consultations. This would enable our ‘elite’ prescribers to be there for you at a time and a place most convenient for you.

Quality Control

We’re proud to source all of our medicines right here in the UK and you can be assured that 100% of our products are genuine, effective and from reputable UK wholesalers such as AAH, Alliance Healthcare and Phoenix Healthcare.

Here at Elite Meds, we follow only the most stringent of procedures to ensure that our supply chain is always properly maintained. Furthermore, we routinely check our medicine to ensure continuity of quality, standards of packaging and to swiftly act in rare instances of medicine recalls.


Our pharmacists have years of experience and expert knowledge in medicine and health. Trained in the UK, our pharmacists are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council which is the body responsible for the independent regulation of the pharmacy profession within England, Scotland, and Wales.


At Elite Meds, we have a highly trained team of independent pharmacist prescribers. This means they have the relevant education and training required to prescribe and impart their specialist knowledge.

Our prescribers can help explain why you may require certain medications, what effects they will have on you, and any side effects that may be experienced. They can also help ensure there are no contradictions on why the medication would be unsuitable for the individual.

Customer Care

Here at Elite Meds, we wholeheartedly believe that customer care shouldn’t be delivered as a one-way conversation; but as a shared, open and informative dialogue between the customer and the prescriber. By taking this kind of approach, our customers feel heard, understood and empowered when it comes to matters involving their health.


Elite Meds is a certified pharmacy registered with the GPhC (registration number 9011856). For a more detailed overview of our regulatory status, please visit our regulation page.

Elite Meds has a LegitScript certification that helps pharmacies show the highest level of credibility. LegitScript is a third-party certification expert that is partnered with Google, Microsoft, and major payment service providers to certify trustworthy healthcare and pharmacy websites. To view our registration details with LegitScript, please click here.


At Elite Meds, we take great care in making sure your personal information is kept safe and secure. We are GDPR compliant and our policies and procedures are under continual review in order to ensure your data is kept confidential. Elite Meds is registered with the Informations Commissioners Office (ICO).


At Elite Meds, we handle data security with the utmost care, taking all necessary steps to ensure our customers are protected.

Access to all transactional areas of our websites is secure using ‘HTTPS’ technology (used for secure communication over a computer network).

Any personal data you provide us is password-protected. Payment card details are secured and encrypted to ensure they are protected.

We regularly monitor our system and carry out testing to identify ways to further strengthen our security.

Giving Back

We are actively looking for registered charities to affiliate with.

Why Elite Meds?

Elite Meds is a UK online pharmacy with a team of highly skilled prescribers and pharmacists.

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