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Consultation: How It Works

Elite Meds’ online consultation makes it easier than ever for customers to access the products, treatments and services that they need when they need them. Convenient and completely confidential, our secure online consultation service has been effectively designed to save users time and energy. Customers are free to browse our broad range of medicines and services to find the ideal treatment for their needs.


A step-by-step mini guide

Once you’ve made an initial product choice based on your condition simply...


Step 1. Click the More Information Button

At this stage, you will be brought to the product’s symptoms and treatments page. Here, you’ll be given a general overview of the condition – outlining (in some cases) the cause (or causes) of the condition, associated symptoms and a list of available treatments.


Step 2. Click the Start Consultation Button

Here, you will need to provide one of our ‘elite’ prescribers with some general health information as well as with some condition-specific information – as much as possible - where possible. Doing so will allow our expert prescribers to comprehensively identify your condition and subsequent treatment.

Please note that you must enter all the relevant information into all of the blank fields on the consultation pages, this is to ensure that you’re able to progress through to the next stage.


Step 3. Click the Complete Consultation Button

After completing the questionnaire-based consultations you’ll be able to log straight into your Elite Meds account or (for first-time users) register for one.


Step 4. Choose a Treatment

Once you’ve progressed past the login/registration page, you’ll be presented with a detailed list of medicines regularly used to treat your condition. When ready, choose a treatment – ensuring to accurately indicate the strength and pack size you also wish to purchase. Once you have decided, simply add the product to your basket.

Please bear in mind that your final treatment will always be decided by an Elite Meds prescriber based on your answers provided within the questionnaire. This may or may not reflect your preferred treatment option.


Step 5. Checkout 

Just like with any other online transaction, first-time user’s (at this stage) need only fill in their delivery, billing and payment details; which (if they so wish) can be securely saved for even faster purchases in the future. Pre-registered users (on the other hand) are not required to do so and will, therefore, be taken directly to the checkout page with their details already filled in for them to inspect and amend if necessary. In either case, when ready select ‘place order’ to complete your order.


Step 6. Consultation Review

With your order successfully placed, an Elite Meds prescriber will then thoroughly review your consultation questionnaire. Taking into account various factors, including the type of medication ordered and your medical history, for instance, it may take up to an hour or so for a prescriber to determine whether or not to approve your treatment request. Additionally, you may be contacted by one of our friendly prescribers in instances where further information is required or to discuss an alternative treatment.


Step 7. Confirmation, Processing & Shipping

Upon approval (or disapproval) of your consultation treatment request, you’ll be immediately contacted and notified by the prescriber of their decision. If approved, your prescription will be promptly processed, dispensed and shipped to you discreetly. A receipt of your order will also be sent to you.

Please be aware that your prescriber may also send additional notes and/or advice relating to the use of your prescribed medication if they deem it necessary.

Please note that consultations that have not been approved will not be charged and funds associated with the order will not be taken.

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Elite Meds is a UK online pharmacy with a team of highly skilled prescribers and pharmacists.

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