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Vaniqa Cream

A long-lasting topical cream adept at treating facial hirsutism

Class: Prescription Only
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Ageing is a natural part of life that cannot be prevented or reversed. As we get older, health issues tend to become more frequent and this can be concerning for some. One of these issues is hair loss. Hair loss is a common problem for many men and women, and most people will experience some type of hair loss during their lifetime. While hair loss, in general, isn’t something one should be overly concerned about from a health-conscious aspect, it can however affect the happiness and well-being of some women.

Hair loss, while very much a normal part of the ageing process, can also be caused and sometimes even expedited by heredity, hormonal changes, and associated medical conditions. Hereditary hair loss (as aforementioned), is widely recognised as one of the main causes of hair loss in men. It is the most common cause of male pattern baldness.

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The effective treatment of hair loss can be successfully achieved through the use of topical and/or tablet-based medications - in addition to a variety of other non-surgical options that can all be discovered at Elite Meds.